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There are sever… June 15, 2012

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There are several ways I could tackle this blog. Part of me wants to just be completely honest; the kind of honest we all filter out of necessity. I know if I choose that route, very few will ever get to read posts. It is tough knowing exactly what someone thinks or feels. Route two could be a very humorous blog. After 20 years of motherhood, I have some funny stories; these are not the anecdotes of child rearing books. These are the tales trenched in reality that no one speaks of if they want to maintain image or pride….I rarely worry about either. Option three could be page after page of the inner workings of eating disorders. I have been a sufferer for nearly twenty years now. I know all the tricks, lies, reasons, wretched guilt, fears, behaviors. You would definitely know you are never alone. I could write about unrealized lives: I have only begun to write after 46 years of stomping out my voice; I have handed years over to the grip of addiction; poor judgement has cost me money, time, esteem, and many relationships. Hopefully, I will find the answers…so I can help you find the answers, and together we can turn this life upside down with happiness.