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The price of a stage presence October 30, 2012

Posted by shelleygblog in Uncategorized.

Many times we find ourselves pretending our way through life…oh, if we could only get paid for all those convincing performances! We use our manners, step aside, keep silent, please our parents, teachers, mothers, friends. This “faking our way” is easy, nice and smooth, up front, but the results can be scary. The drama manifests itself as resentment, depression, tension, regret, even illness.

On the other end of the spectrum lies living in truth, meeting life head on with brazen honesty. This way of relating to our surroundings is intimidating, even terrifying in the beginning, but the results? So very rewarding. We gain confidence every time we demonstrate vulnerability and are loved anyway; we gain credibility every time we tell a difficult truth; we put others at ease every time we throw up our hands and forget our manners when life gets crazy; we build ourselves up every time we accept who we really are, faults included and give those we love permission to do the same.

It is true…down “the road less traveled” lie infinite rewards. Go there and see.


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