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Damn Feelings November 27, 2012

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Emotions….we refer to them as “feelings”. When feelings get hurt, we say we are “sensitive”. It is all assumed to be metaphorical, but I believe we manifest emotions in very physical ways. (There is a zing that zips down my torso and back up to my mouth during a really good kiss, or the ice ball I feel high in my stomach when dread comes…). I sat with some pain this weekend and ¬†felt heartache. Now, it was obviously not really the muscle that hurt, but I had a squeezing pain that sat at the base of my sternum and reached sideways around my ribs and back again. Okay, say it…”so what?” But I learned something. We can work with physical pain, manage it, talk it down, breath through it; we have something tangible to tackle and we can see logical steps to a desired end. This is not always so clear for emotional states. So my goal is this: whatever comes, feel it….ride it…stretch it, massage it, warm it; take the steps just as if it were a diagnostic. It may do nothing but buy time to gain perspective, but that may be all we need.

Oh, so easy…..
But really, feeling life is living it. I would rather be in the game than on the sidelines, and pain will always be present, but thankfully, only recognizable against the backdrop of pleasure.

The Pedestal November 11, 2012

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“Do not place me too high on the pedestal; I may be unable to stay.” We are afraid to disappoint those who are brave enough to love us. We want them to love us right where we are, for who we really are, flaws and all the dirty underbellies that come with an honest union.

However, I have noticed a pattern in successful relationships, whether they exist between parents, children, friends, more-than-friends, mentors, or a hundred other combinations. We hang on to the pedestal. We idolize just enough so we are not foolish, but pleasantly captivated. A parent loves the child without regard to physical appearance, scholastic ability, desirable behavior, wit, or soul. The fifty year-long marriage is made remarkable by the gentleman who still sees his beautiful bride. Lifelong friends manage to lift one another to places we cannot reach alone. Love does not only see the good, but it  always see the good, even if it has to move past a shadow to get there.

The mystical pedestal makes room for unending forgiveness, physical desire, the silver lining, the strength to wait for the storm to pass and to believe in forever. No, we are not, cannot be perfect, but if we see one another as a little more lovely, a bit more clever, or more deserving than we believe ourselves to be, let us keep our relationships on the pedestal. They look amazing up there; perfect…for each of us.