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When We’re Ready December 8, 2012

Posted by shelleygblog in Uncategorized.

We play, when we should be a fan. We join, when we should stand aside.  We listen, when we should yell. We crumble, right when we need to be strong. We love, when we should walk away. I finally, about damn time, understand why. We spend so much time looking outward…at our parents, our peers, our news, our trashy TV.

“If I could only….” or “I want to be like….”. We cannot look in, inward, to where we become, to where we need to be, to where we should be running. Then someone comes along, and we swear we know them, understand them, are like them. Do they complete us? No. They are just like us. And they do not show us all the “shoulds”, they do not drown us in regret, they do not chastise us for not looking for so long.

We fall into open arms, finished sentences, full silences, and a yearning so great that, unready, would rip us in two. Instead, it drives us forward, welcomes us as we are, and begs us to stay beyond time or boundary. We cannot even look away, much less walk away.

Thank you…for somehow knowing when I’d be ready.



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