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Bend July 17, 2013

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We do not mind being “seen” when we are happy. When life is in a sunshine spot-new love, big raise, plateau breakthrough, illness at bay, or just the first warm day after a long winter-we smile, we bounce, we put our feet and hands and hips and head right into the middle of Hokey Pokey days.

But in times of brokenness, upheaval, when outlooks dim, we prefer to remain unseen. Hiding our weaknesses, our imperfections, or yes, even our secrets is much more comfortable than admitting we may need help, we may need to cry, we may not always be that face we show to the world. 

Silly really, because none of us escape the down slides of life; none of us can be at peace always or completely; we all fail, practice, learn, fail again at many an endeavor before we make a mastery of it. In fact, we could manage better with a little boost, a friend on our team, in our corner, or at least a tissue and tea, kind words for our grief.

 When we lose the fear, expose ourselves on all sides, we become more likable, approachable, level headed, less critical, easier to like, even love, because we give everyone around us permission to unburden, unmask, and finally bend. It is the bending, after all, that keeps us from breaking.

Lucky Gal July 17, 2013

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I am lucky to be so strong, so without need, so able to bounce…back
I tackle struggle like washing my hair, every other day.
I take insecurity with my daily meds.
I wander though, unanchored by my relationships; I wonder…
Why does strength always hold hands with loneliness?
Where is everyone?
How wonderful for them that they function, decide, really live, even fully, without me.
I chant “I do not need” like a mantra until my brain holds it true.
Because you will never need me, I am determined to not ever need you…