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The House June 23, 2014

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I found a house ten stories high 
I softly, silently slipped inside 
The rooms were empty, the walls were bare 
except scrawled signs everywhere:

“Turn around. Go away
 There are no rooms here today.”

Room after room, no one at all, 
but the same words on every wall. 
I touched the floor; still was warm. Someone certainly was here before.

 I need a room please. May I stay? Not today, child, not today. 
you surely see, I’m ill prepared for company.

 I’ll wash the windows, unboard the doors, 
paint these walls, mop the floors. 
Or if you’d rather, I’ll make you tea, we can be, just you and me. 

No child. Not today. Can’t you see I like this way?
 There’s only room for one, that’s me. Go away. Let me be. 
So I called out; no answer came. 
I left no trace, except my name.


Falling December 19, 2012

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Funny how we call it “falling in love.” . We never say we are leaping into love, melting into love, elating, skipping…launching into love.  We use “falling” as if it signifies a mistake, a misstep, a trip on the sidewalk in the path of living, and so we skin a knee, break a bone, break a heart. Falling? The word implies you will be damaged. Falling lacks control, indicates something not yet mastered, and by its very definition of action, will eventually require a landing, a grounding ungraceful and jolting, an eventual dose of consequence and reality. Scary.

Or maybe, please, maybe, we call it falling because, at its best, it is unexpected, jarring, quick, and void of a safety net. Perhaps falling in love is more like a free fall, a strap-on-the-parachute-and-risk-the-mishap, exhilarating, beautiful, look-at-me push into the unknown. And the view? Well, from up here, it is the the whole, fantastic, worth-everything vista that straightens priorities, keeps you staring in awe, and presents all the world as a makes-sense place.

The Pedestal November 11, 2012

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“Do not place me too high on the pedestal; I may be unable to stay.” We are afraid to disappoint those who are brave enough to love us. We want them to love us right where we are, for who we really are, flaws and all the dirty underbellies that come with an honest union.

However, I have noticed a pattern in successful relationships, whether they exist between parents, children, friends, more-than-friends, mentors, or a hundred other combinations. We hang on to the pedestal. We idolize just enough so we are not foolish, but pleasantly captivated. A parent loves the child without regard to physical appearance, scholastic ability, desirable behavior, wit, or soul. The fifty year-long marriage is made remarkable by the gentleman who still sees his beautiful bride. Lifelong friends manage to lift one another to places we cannot reach alone. Love does not only see the good, but it  always see the good, even if it has to move past a shadow to get there.

The mystical pedestal makes room for unending forgiveness, physical desire, the silver lining, the strength to wait for the storm to pass and to believe in forever. No, we are not, cannot be perfect, but if we see one another as a little more lovely, a bit more clever, or more deserving than we believe ourselves to be, let us keep our relationships on the pedestal. They look amazing up there; perfect…for each of us.

Love is not an Attitude; Love is Attitude! October 16, 2012

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Popular belief holds we approach life, people, problems with an attitude of love; but what if love comes first? Does love give us attitude, that strutting assurance that knows no limit? Love lets us walk straighter, laugh more, wear favorite shoes and lacy bras, sing out loud, dream, take a first step, go forward, close the deal, place the bet, take the plunge, face the fear, and expect the best. Love offers more than hope because it also gives the confidence to make life happen. When we exude “love attitude” we feel sexy about ourselves and our possibilities. And our light shines. We fill up a room, we give away some of what we have, and we grin knowingly as someone else begins to give life a big high five…..