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The House June 23, 2014

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I found a house ten stories high 
I softly, silently slipped inside 
The rooms were empty, the walls were bare 
except scrawled signs everywhere:

“Turn around. Go away
 There are no rooms here today.”

Room after room, no one at all, 
but the same words on every wall. 
I touched the floor; still was warm. Someone certainly was here before.

 I need a room please. May I stay? Not today, child, not today. 
you surely see, I’m ill prepared for company.

 I’ll wash the windows, unboard the doors, 
paint these walls, mop the floors. 
Or if you’d rather, I’ll make you tea, we can be, just you and me. 

No child. Not today. Can’t you see I like this way?
 There’s only room for one, that’s me. Go away. Let me be. 
So I called out; no answer came. 
I left no trace, except my name.